Re: AC97 sound problems with current

From: Orion Hodson <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:49:14 -0800
/-- Scott Long wrote:
| Orion Hodson wrote:

| > There is a calibration step in the driver to determine the clock rate of th
| e 
| > AC97 link.  What you are seeing is the calibration step failing and setting
|  a 
| > bogus ac97 link rate.  I took a cursory look a couple of weeks back and it 
| > smelt like the timecounter initialization point changed, but haven't gotten
| > around to looking closer and fixing the driver.
| If this were true then I'd be very concerned.  Let me know what you
| find.  For what it's worth, my ICH3 setup is still working fine when
| loaded at boot, though my kernel is about 2 weeks old.

It's definitely nothing to do with the timecounter - quick test on other h/w 
along similar lines.  I don't access to an ich board to test on - it's 
probably obvious, but I'm not seeing it just now with visual inspection...

- Orion
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