Strange behaviour with host(1)

From: (wrong string) Ślerud <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:08:15 +0100
Hi, I'm trying to get host working properly with ipv6 on 5.0-RELEASE-p6.


[erik_at_trinity]% uname -sr
FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p1
[erik_at_trinity]% host
-[~]-[11:06PM]- has address has address 3ffe:b00:c18:1::10 mail is handled (pri=10) by mail is handled (pri=20) by mail is handled (pri=0) by

While, on my personal 5.0:

-su-2.05b# uname -sr
FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE-p6
-su-2.05b# host has address

Why is this happening? I've tried to change nameservers, no luck. Tried to
install bind9-base, no luck. I'm basically out of ideas. The server has IPV6
up and running. The only thing that works is if I specify -t AAAA:

-su-2.05b# host -t aaaa has AAAA address 2001:510:0:13::

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