Re:No sound in -current?

From: Orion Hodson <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:49:21 -0800
Scott R. writes:
| I just updated my system last night around 8 PM PST and today I have no
| sound.  XMMS says it's playing music and I can see that it thinks it's
| playing something, but I am hearing nothing.  Same deal with RealPlayer
| and every other app I try.  No crackles, pops or *anything*.  Just dead
| silence.  Is this a known issue?  Sound was working fine with my
| previous system from a couple of weeks ago.


A fix for this was committed this morning (PST).  Please let me know if you 
experience any audio problems after the next update.

- Orion
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