Re: AC97 sound problems with current

From: Kevin Oberman <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:26:27 -0800
More information on my AC97 experiences:

I forced the card to 4.8 KHz which is what it was running at on V4. This
seems to have not helped the performance of GnomeMeeting at all. The
sound I hear is in "spurts" which are at the correct frequency and last
about a tenth of a second. with gaps between them of about 1 second.

Also, even though I have the mic muted under GnomeMeeting and no sound
is actually sent out, I can hear everything I say with no delay (and
perfect clarity). I suspect that this is a part of the problem. Even
turning down the microphone volume does nothing. It is, instead, tied to
the Record input.

I also tested sending audio today and it was also in similar "spurts".

All of this was working perfectly with v4, so it's something that has
changed between versions.

This appears to be tied to duplex operation as players (mplayer, xmms)
work just fine.

Any clues?

FreeBSD CURRENT (3/27/2003) in IBM ThinkPad T30 with ICH3
audio. GnomeMeeting 0.96.0. 

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