[patch] FreeBSD Port: nvidia-driver-1.0.4365

From: Harald Schmalzbauer <h_at_schmalzbauer.de>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 13:01:55 +0200
Hello all,

with today's -current the nvidia port failed to compile.
With a bit luck I found that there seems to be a misstype in the 
src/nvidia_sysctl.c. I'm no programmer so I don't know if this has changed 
recently or if it has always been an error but the old gcc didn't complain (I 
think the former)

To make it short: I created patch.aa in files and it works fine with today's 

I don't have any -stable so if it is only an 5.x issue there someone shuld 
correct the port to make the patch OS-dependent.

Please commit the patch.

Best regards,


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