Re: Multi BOOT

From: Terry Lambert <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 23:43:51 -0700
Abdul Hakeem wrote:
> Does anyone know a way of simultaneously booting FreeBSD with Linux or
> Win2K with a dual-processor and dual NIC server ?
> I can set the processor affinity on the Win2k, but I am having trouble
> configuring the FreeBSD to use a particular processor and a particular
> NIC.

Just because a machine has multiple processors and multiple
NICs, doesn't make it capable of operating as two machines in
the same case.  There are a lot of different things, like the
memory and I/O bus, the 8254 clock, etc., which have to be
programmed differently for different OSs.

To run two virtual machines on a single real machine, you are
going to need some software assistance, e.g. a product like

-- Terry
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