Re: devd *NOT* called on wi0 insert?

From: M. Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 15:08:18 -0600 (MDT)
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            David Gilbert <> writes:
: >>>>> "M" == M Warner Losh <> writes:
: M> In message: <> Larry
: M> Rosenman <> writes: : I have a (within the week)
: M> -CURRENT system.  If I boot with my Linksys : WPC11 V.3 card
: M> inserted : I get the dhcp actions and all is fine.  If I remove the
: M> card, we don't : kill off dhclient.  : : If I boot without the
: Actually, I think devd needs to be significantly smarter.  Consider
: the average laptop: one or more permanent interfaces and one or more
: transient interfaces.

The current devd is smart enough.  Devd's config file might use some
additional tweaking.

: Currently, if bge0 (my permanent interface) has link at boot, it gets
: dhclient.  Similarly to the origional poster, if wi0 is inserted at
: boot, it gets dhclient.

Don't blame devd for dhclient being brain dead.  Fix the brain damage
in dhclient, don't use devd to work around that brain damage.

: devd doesn't seem to do much else.

Devd does anything you want it to do.

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