Re: re-fdisk'ing a partition - permission denied?

From: Michael Edenfield <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 15:42:56 -0400
* Ulrich Spoerlein <> [030909 12:33]:
> On Mon, 08.09.2003 at 18:10:38 -0400, Michael Edenfield wrote:
> > e.g., if you have ad0s1a mounted as /, you cannot:
> > 
> > * fdisk ad0 to create ad0s2
> > * disklabel ad0s2 to create ad0s2a
> > * perform any data transfer with ad0 as the target.

> Well, perhaps I'm sounding stupid, but I was able to re-slice my disk
> while running FreeBSD off from ad0s2. I was also able to re-label ad0s2
> while the partitions were mounted.

Again, I haven't actually tried to do this since very shortly after GEOM
first went into the tree.  Based on phk's recent reply, it appears that
the behavior I was seeing then was buggy; at least it would be
considered buggy today.

What I was specifically unable to do was, while running FreeBSD mouted
from ad0s1, delete ad0s2 and ad0s3 and create a new, larger ad0s2.  I
even tried to manually update the MBR via dd, thinking perhaps it was
something on the ad0s{2,3} slices that was causing the problem.i  In the
end,  I was perfectly content to just boot from the boot CD and do it, and
haven't had to do anything of the sort since :)


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