atheros (ath) driver bridging

From: Jesse Guardiani <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:03:36 -0400
Howdy list,

Is the ath(4) driver, like the wi(4) driver, incapable of performing

For reference, this is from the bridge(4) manpage:

     Bridging requires interfaces to be put in promiscuous mode, and transmit
     packets with Ethernet source addresses.  Some interfaces (e.g. wi(4)) do
     not support this functionality.  Also, bridging is not compatible with
     interfaces which use hardware loopback, because there is no way to tell
     locally generated packets from externally generated ones.

ath(4) manpage:

wi(4) manpage:

bridge(4) manpage:

Just curious. Thanks!

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