Re: Still problems with ATAPI

From: Soren Schmidt <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 10:19:59 +0200 (CEST)
It seems Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:
> ATAng will no longer recognize the DVD-ROM device on ata1-master.  This is 
> without atapicam.  The CD-RW drive at ata1-slave is OK, and is being assigned 
> to acd0 now.

OK, from you dmesg:

>ata1: reset tp1 mask=03 ostat0=50 ostat1=50
>ata1-master: stat=0xd0 err=0x04 lsb=0x00 msb=0x00
>ata1-slave:  stat=0x10 err=0x01 lsb=0x14 msb=0xeb
>ata1-master: stat=0xd0 err=0x04 lsb=0x00 msb=0x00
>ata1-master: stat=0x00 err=0x01 lsb=0x14 msb=0xeb
>ata1: reset tp2 mask=03 stat0=00 stat1=10 devices=0xc<ATAPI_SLAVE,ATAPI_MASTER>

Here we se that the probe code correctly identifies both ATAPI devices.

>ata1: spurious interrupt - status=0x50 error=0x00
>ata1-slave: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0xffffffff cable=40pin
>ata1-master: pio=0x0c wdma=0x22 udma=0x46 cable=80pin
>ata1: spurious interrupt - status=0x58 error=0x00

Above we see the problems begin with those spurious interrupts, since 
they have gathered status and error the ATA channel was NOT active
when they occured, ie they have not been asked to do anything, 
and that is probably why the next phase of the probe fails...

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