Re: What's happened to CDIOCREADAUDIO & friends?

From: Soren Schmidt <>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 10:06:08 +0200 (CEST)
It seems Vladimir Kushnir wrote:
> > > Together with sys/cdio.h, where both ioc_read_audio and CDIOCREADAUDIO are
> > > declared
> >
> > I'll get rid of those...
> >
> Again, a pity. What benefits do we gain here? Speed? CDDA extraction never
> required all that much of it, and to be honest the difference will hardly
> be measurable. The only thing it will give is (once again) an interface
> completely different from other OSs (== some extra pain for developers ==
> fewer applications).

Excuse me ? AFAIK we are the *only* OS with the CDIOCREADAUDIO interface.
I should know since I put the code in the ATAPI driver way back when our
device system couldn't handle != %DEV_BSIZE requests.

Anyhow, its been ages since it was announced that there is a new and
right way to grap audio, that noone hasn't cared about it, well...

So stop whining and get the port maintainers to fix the ports that
breaks because of this (it would maybe even reduce the diffs :) ).

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