It's time to get angry

From: Harald Schmalzbauer <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 06:10:46 +0200
Dear M$ users,

PLEASE clean your systems.

I get 15Megs of virus/day (~100 Mails each 150k with M$ trash). Now for 
over one week, so it's REALLY annoying.
Not that there weren't enough great junk filters, it's wasted bandwidth. 
Not only on my site. If you have to use M$ systems on machines on which 
you take part in dicussions on FreeBSD-lists, please at least take care 
that you don't stress the others nerves too much. It's hard enough to 
read your "quoting". Don't know much about that worm/virus but I'm quiet 
sure just changing the mail client to something non-M$ would help 
(before the system were infected).

So please format your infected discs, block all outgoing smtp 
connections, remove the hous' main fuse, whatever, try to stop that torture.

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