KDE 3.1.4 on 5.1-CURRENT fixes for PTHREAD_LIBS

From: Will Andrews <will_at_csociety.org>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 02:16:36 -0700

With the help of Adriaan de Groot, Andy Fawcett, and Lauri Watts,
I've successfully built KDE on 5.1-CURRENT as of 2003/09/19.

The following patch can be applied:



  cd /usr/ports && patch < kde314-fixpth.diff

Please test this.  Followups to kde_at_freebsd.org, flames to
/dev/null.  Thanks for your time.

Note1: At the moment KDE hasn't been built on axp* for 4.9R, so
       this patch won't be committed in the meantime.

Note2: Yes, we know -pthread was temporarily put back.  It will
       be removed again soon.

Note3: There are several ports that use KDE's configure scripts
       but are not maintained by us.  These ports are most likely
       still broken.  Some of them use our Makefile.kde code, and
       for those, I've added a line to ignore our pthfix since
       they will need their own.

Note4: Patch has been applied to KDE HEAD to resolve the same issues.
       Therefore, this patch will be removed when 3.2 is released.

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