Re: Initial list of ports that fail due to -pthread

From: Michael Edenfield <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 09:14:39 -0400
* Will Andrews <> [030924 01:50]:
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 01:34:13AM -0400, Michael Edenfield wrote:
> > One very important group of ports that should get looked at when this
> > gets worked out is KDE.  Apparently, Qt uses a different means of
> > determining wether to use threading, than the ports that depend on it.
> > The qt-using ports appear to check for -lpthread, then c++ -pthread, and
> > if neither of those checks pass, disable threading:
> Also, I believe I fixed qt32 on 18 September 2003.  It certainly
> built and works fine on my 5.1-CURRENT 2003/09/19 box.  It's just
> KDE that needs fixing at the moment.

Yes, Qt itself worked fine, it was just the rest of KDE that gave me
issues.  I've already fixed the issue temporarily by passing --enable-mt
and --enable-threading as CONFIGURE_ARGS and doing some post-configure
replacing of -{l}pthread, I just wanted to point out the problem since
it's slightly different than just 'cc breaks because -pthread is an

But since you're already well ahead of me fixing it I'll skip the pr I
was about to send in :)


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