Re: Panic on boot after upgrade from r320827 -> r320869

From: Michael Butler <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 19:53:04 -0400
On 07/11/17 13:13, I wrote:
>> Take sdhci out of the kernel and try again. If that works, it tells us 
>> one
>> thing (need to troubleshoot sdhci stuff more). If not it tells us another
>> (need to troubleshoot CAM more), do we get errors with the ATA_IDENTIFY
>> command? Does it try multiple times per AHCI port? What AHCI device do 
>> you
>> have? You may need to scroll back with the screen-lock / pageup keys 
>> to see
>> these messages.

  [ .. snip .. ]

> I'll try this tonight when I'm back at home. The laptop concerned uses 
> the ICH-7M part in "legacy mode" so it doesn't do AHCI at all :-(

Without sdhci and mmc, it actually boots but everything KDE aborts with 
signal 6 :-(

I'm not prepared to rebuild the ~1900 ports on this box to pursue this 

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