12-current, since 323508 / Sept 13 - smartctl / smartmontools - unable to query drives

From: David P. Discher <dpd_at_dpdtech.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 11:14:00 -0700
Seeing an odd behavior - even with r324216 as of about Oct 2nd, smartctl can no longer query any disks

Always getting:

    > sudo smartctl -x /dev/ada0
    smartctl 6.5 2016-05-07 r4318 [FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT amd64] (local build)
    Copyright (C) 2002-16, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org

    /dev/ada0: Unable to detect device type
    Please specify device type with the -d option.

    Use smartctl -h to get a usage summary

Even with specifying the type, I can’t query the drives.  I’m trying to nail down the commit now, I think its between r320087 and r323508.

Anyone have any pointers ?  Smartmontools hasn’t changed since Feb, so by all indications, this is a regression in FreeBSD-current/-head.

Thanks !

David P. Discher

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