HEADS-UP: release-releated documentation moving from base to doc repository

From: Glen Barber <gjb_at_FreeBSD.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 15:17:15 +0000

I have expressed my intent to move the release-related documents from
the src tree to the doc tree in the past.  This has been met with some
resistance, but I think this change is far overdue at this point.

The primary motivation behind this change is that if there is an error
in release-related documentation that goes unnoticed until the release
announcement is sent, we are effectively stuck with the erroneous
information in the release notes (although we can document the error in
the errata.html page), as once the release is tagged in Subversion, the
sources that generate the relnotes.html, readme.html, etc., cannot be

Moving the sources from the base repository to the doc repository (which
does not have an explicit "freeze") allows us to change incorrect
entries, add missing entries, etc. post-release, as needed.

I am currently re-testing and triple-checking the changes to pull the
relevant files into the doc repository in preparation to commit the
changes, which I expect to have in the tree within the next few hours if
all goes well.  At latest, it should be committed by tomorrow.

At present, I am undecided if I will make this change retroactive to
stable branches.

I do not expect any doc build breakage, but assume I am looking into
anything that breaks as a result.  Please bear with me if things do



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