Re: C++ in jemalloc

From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 14:01:24 -0700
On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 11:59 AM, David Goldblatt <>

>  Hi all,
> The jemalloc developers have wanted to start using C++ for a while, to
> enable some targeted refactorings of code we have trouble maintaining due
> to brittleness or complexity (e.g. moving thousand line macro definitions
> to templates, changing the build->extract symbols->rebuild mangling scheme
> for internal symbols to one using C++ namespaces). We'd been holding off
> because we thought that FreeBSD base all had to compile on GCC 4.2, in
> order to support some esoteric architectures[1].
> The other day though, I noticed that there is some C++ shipping with
> FreeBSD; /usr/bin/dtc and /sbin/devd (the former claiming in the HACKING
> document that C++11 is a minimum for FreeBSD 11). This, combined with the
> fact that ports now points to a modern gcc, makes me think we were
> incorrect, and can turn on C++ without breaking FreeBSD builds.
> Am I right? Will anything break if jemalloc needs a C++ compiler to build?
> We will of course not use exceptions, RTTI, global constructors, the C++
> stdlib, or anything else that might affect C source or link compatibility.
> Thanks,
> David (on behalf of the jemalloc developers
> [1] That being said, we don't compile or test on those architectures, and
> so probably don't work there in the first place if I'm being honest. But
> we'd also like to avoid making that a permanent state of affairs that can't
> be changed.

For FreeBSD 10 and earlier, this would likely break all architectures that
aren't x86. Starting in FreeBSD 11, arm and powerpc are supported by clang,
but not super well. For FreeBSD 12, we're getting close for everything
except sparc64 (whose fate has not yet been finally decided).

So for the popular architectures, this arrangement might work. For building
with external toolchains, it might also work. Some of the less popular
architectures may be a problem.

Does that help? It isn't completely cut and dried, but it should be helpful
for you making a decision.

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