Re: /sys/boot compile broken

From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 09:33:41 -0600
On Oct 21, 2017 8:02 AM, "Allan Jude" <> wrote:

On 2017-10-21 02:41, Gary Jennejohn wrote:
> SVN for HEAD source at 324810.
> Compiling /sys/boot is totally screwed up.  The failure is that
> geliboot.c cannot be found.
> This prevents a successful ``make buildworld''.
> This error occurs despite the fact that I have LOADER_NO_GELI_SUPPORT
> set to yes in src.conf.
> Looking at the various Makefiles this option is supposed to prevent
> using GELI.
> Even if the user wanted to use GELI the compile of the boot code
> would probably fail.
> imp_at_ has had his fingers in the boot code lately.

Some of the boot code has been changed over to LOADER_GELI_SUPPORT=no

And so you ended up with some code not guarded. Add the additional
src.conf knob for now, and Warner will get it fixed up

I fly back from legoland today and will touch this up. I'm in the process
of changing them into real config knobs from the weird things that have
leaked out... sys/boot is likely moving my up to boot as well in the near

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