Re: iwm not in GENERIC kernel

From: yaneurabeya <Ngie>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 23:45:06 -0700
> On Oct 29, 2017, at 11:01, Warner Losh <> wrote:


> The blobs run on the actual card itself, not on the host. This is the firmware for the wireless SoC that's on the card. We have allowed those in the kernel since the very early days of the project when scsi controllers like isp(4) downloaded firmware.
> This is somewhat different than the recently discussed HBAs that have binary blobs that run on the host, which have no business in GENERIC…

I’m just the messenger relaying what’s currently in place in the code based on what I remember from past discussions.

If you disagree with what’s in place with MK_SOURCELESS_UCODE, please feel free to change it (how it works is already documented in multiple places, and this is what Linux does too with their firmware blobs).

Also, it helps when the firmware driver is properly wired up to the kernel build system: r324470, r325122. The kernel module could compile on its own if someone cd’ed to the modules directory, but was broken otherwise, meaning that it wasn’t compiling as a module, or compiling into the kernel, prior to the before mentioned commits.


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