Re: Call for Testing: UEFI Changes

From: Jakob Alvermark <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:13:24 +0100

Just updated to r331345.

Two problems:

1. boot/efi.4th is added to /usr/src/ but still 
included in loader.rc. Loader fails to load it and subsequently fails to 
load modules. Reinstalling efi.4th problem 2 appears.

2. Fixing problem 1 and adding efirt_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf 
makes the kernel panic instantly. Photo of panic:


On 03/22/18 01:45, Kyle Evans wrote:
> Hello!
> A number of changes have gone in recently pertaining to UEFI booting
> and UEFI runtime services. The changes with the most damaging
> potential are:
> We now put UEFI runtime services into virtual address mode, fixing
> runtime services with U-Boot/UEFI as well as the firmware
> implementation in many Lenovos. The previously observed behavior was a
> kernel panic upon invocation of efibootmgr/efivar, or a kernel panic
> just loading efirt.ko or compiling EFIRT into the kernel.
> Graphics mode selection is now done differently to avoid regression
> caused by r327058 while still achieving the same effect. The observed
> regression was that the kernel would usually end up drawing
> incorrectly at the old resolution on a subset of the screen, due to
> incorrect framebuffer information.
> Explicit testing of these changes, the latest of which happened in
> r331326, and any feedback from this testing would be greatly
> appreciated. Testing should be done with either `options EFIRT` in
> your kernel config or efirt.ko loaded along with updated bootloader
> bits.
> I otherwise plan to MFC commits involved with the above-mentioned
> changes by sometime in the first week of April, likely no earlier than
> two (2) weeks from now on April 4th.
> Thanks,
> Kyle Evans
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