Re: [RFC] Deprecation and removal of the drm2 driver

From: Glen Barber <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 15:52:55 +0000
On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 11:48:38AM +0200, Philip Homburg wrote:
> >Also as the Moore's law curve flattens expect the life of these
> >older, but not so old, machines to live quiet some time.  I
> >believe we are talking sandy bridge and earlier?  If that is
> >corret Sandy bridge is still a very viable system.
> I noticed this lack of love for older systems recently. 
> I wanted to use an older Dell server to test the 11.2 BETAs and RCs.
> Turns out, you can't install FreeBSD using a USB stick image because the
> BIOS only support MBR. No idea why MBR support was dropped for the USB images.
> In the end I had to find a CD burner, and after a couple of tries managed to
> install from CD.
> After that, my ansible playbooks started failing because /boot/loader.conf 
> is absent if you boot from zfs in combination with MBR.
> Pity. This older server hardware is great for trying out new releases, play 
> with zfs, etc.

The disc1.iso (as well as bootonly.iso and dvd1.iso) images are now
built as hybrid images, supporting both MBR and GPT, as well as being
written to a flash drive (like memstick.img) as well as a CD.

MBR support was initially removed from the memstick installer, as it is
not compatible with some UEFI implementations.  (Or, at least that is my
understanding, based on my limited intimate knowledge of UEFI.)


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