Re: acpi issues on FreeBSD-current_r350103 on Thinkpad A485

From: Greg V <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 11:50:18 +0300
On July 20, 2019 1:54:47 AM GMT+03:00, Evilham <> wrote:

> it even suspends and resumes back to X

Wow, that's great news! Desktop Ryzen+Vega doesn't (not that I need suspend very much on desktop haha)

>- xbacklight doesn't work, neither does intel-backlight because 
>  it's AMD

Since it's a Thinkpad, do the brightness keys work anyway? Does acpi_ibm work?

>Serious issue:
>I was just debugging this right now, more infos with a proper bug 
>report will come, but I think the system encounters a deadlock 
>sometimes with the drm-kmod / amdgpu which results in a kernel 

If you're on the packaged drm-kmod v4.16, it's amazing that Raven GPU works at all. You should try drm-v5.0 from git.


It even works when loaded this early? Interesting. Do you also not have the EFI framebuffer conflict? i.e. without disabling vt.syscons, everything just works reliably?
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