Re: UEFI firmware and getting FreeBSD recognized by default: who to talk to?

From: Rebecca Cran <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2019 16:31:27 -0600
On 2019-06-22 13:34, Karl Denninger wrote:
> All I had to do was put the EFI loader in a directory under the UEFI
> partition and Refind found it.  I didn't have to specifically tell it
> that it was there.

Sorry, I'm not talking about rEFInd. I know how great it is. I'm talking
about systems without rEFInd, using only the default OEM supplied system
firmware, since we can't rely on everyone having rEFInd installed.

Rebecca Cran
Received on Sat Jun 22 2019 - 20:31:30 UTC

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