Re: leaked swap?

From: Andrey Fesenko <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:01:19 +0300
On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 6:23 PM Andriy Gapon <> wrote:
> First, a note that this was observed on a system that runs a fairly old current
> (~ 1 year old) with a fairly long uptime (> 6 months).
> I noticed that the system was nearly out of memory, 98% of swap was in use,
> there was less than 1 GB of free memory, several GBs of each of active, inactive
> and laundry memory, and many GBs of wired (mostly ZFS).
> I decided to pro-actively reboot the system, but to speed that up I put the
> system to the single-user mode (via shutdown) and then back to multi-user. So,
> there was no real hardware reboot and the kernel kept running.  However, all
> userland processes were terminated.
> To my surprise, even while in the single-user mode the swap utilization didn't
> go below 70%.  Also, laundry memory remained in multi-GB area, but let's ignore
> this for now.
> I think that the swap could be used only for anonymous memory, so I expected it
> go to zero after the shutdown to the single user mode.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Maybe that's something that has already been fixed?
> If not, any ideas on what to look for?
> Thanks!

Not this? ZFS use wired and not clean only reboot?
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