Re: FreeBSD and Coreboot

From: Eric McCorkle <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2019 20:53:44 -0400
On 5/27/19 11:13 AM, Eric McCorkle wrote:

> My plan is roughly this:
> * Refurbish the GRUB port, get it working again in QEMU (possibly on one
> of my machines), also possibly push a patch to GRUB to use the keybufs
> mechanism to pass in GELI keys.

I managed to get the grub2 port compiling against 2.02 (latest release)
in an afternoon's worth of work.  Note: the --force-label flag on
grub-install isn't presently implemented; I'll need to dig deeper into
the code to get that working.

I haven't tried to see if it works yet.  You can follow my work on the
grub2 branch of my freebsd-ports fork:

Also, I am potentially willing to take over maintenance of the port,
assuming the volume of work isn't too high.

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