Re: Inconsistent behavior with wpa / devd / network interfaces

From: Johannes Lundberg <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 10:22:24 -0700
On 5/30/19 9:37 AM, Greg Rivers wrote:
> On Thursday, May 30, 2019 10:31:45 AM CDT Johannes Lundberg wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have a bridge and an ethernet/wifi lagg failover like this:
>> # First define all cloned interfaces
>> cloned_interfaces="bridge0 lagg0"
>> # bhyve bridge
>> ifconfig_bridge0="inet addm lagg0 up"
>> # Ethernet/WiFi failvoer
>> ifconfig_em0="up"
>> wlans_iwm0="wlan0"
>> ifconfig_wlan0="WPA up"
>> create_args_wlan0="wlanaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"
>> ifconfig_lagg0="laggproto failover laggport em0 laggport wlan0 DHCP up"
>> When I move between home and work networks and plug in the network cable
>> it sometimes reconfigure and sometimes (mostly) not. Looking at devd
>> output from a failed occasion and I can see that it calls dhclient on
>> em0 and not lagg0. But it since it works sometimes I don't know if this
>> is correct or not (I would expect lagg0 and not em0 but manually running
>> this command with either em0 or lagg0 doesn't do anything)...
>> devd log: Executing 'service dhclient quietstart $'em0''
>> In addition to this, I often have to run ifconfig wlan0 scan (or service
>> netif restart) or to have the it reconnect to a different wifi. It
>> doesn't seem to be doing any periodical scanning and reconnecting at all
>> (but maybe that's a different issue).
>> For sometime now I usually have to run service netif restart to get
>> network working after switching location, followed by adding all my VM
>> tap interfaces to the bridge manually, and restarting bhyve guests
>> because they lose connectivity.. It's getting a bit tiring and I would
>> like to find a solution.
>> Do I have something weird in my setup causing this? I don't recall ever
>> having this issue when not using failover lagg. Running recent 13-CURRENT.
> I think there's a (unknown?) problem that makes lagg(4) incompatible with 
> bridge(4). I've never been unable to make a lagg interface work as a member of 
> a bridge. Lacking the time to pursue it, I've resorted to NATing instead.
> Also, wlan interfaces tend to break if you change their MAC address.  So in a 
> lagg consisting of a wlan interface and a ethernet interface (without a 
> bridge), I always set the MAC of the ethernet to match the native MAC of the 
> wlan, and not vice versa.

Thanks for the reply! I could try to reverse the MAC address setting to
see if that helps.

I'm also running NAT like this for bhyve guests

% cat /etc/pf.conf
nat on lagg0 from {} to any -> (lagg0)

The "bhyve bridge" bridge0's members are lagg0 and the tapX interfaces.
This setup works great as long as external connection doesn't change. I
have full connectivity between host<->guests and guests can access
internet as well (with seamless switching between ethernet/wifi *). The
bhyve guests are configured with static IP addresses 192.168.8.X.

* Sometimes seamless, sometimes not so much...
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