Re: nvdXpY dissapears while ZFS pool on it is imported

From: Bernd Walter <>
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2019 17:36:17 +0200
On Sat, Oct 05, 2019 at 02:50:21PM +0900, Tomoaki AOKI wrote:
> Hi.
> By sets of commits starting from r351355 though r351747, nvd driver
> creates partitioned GEOM provider like /dev/nvd0p1.
> Unfortunately, these partitioned GEOM providers dissapears when
> importing ZFS pool on it leaving /dev/nvd0, and re-appears when
> exporting the pool.
> Mounting filesystems other than ZFS (at least msdosfs) doesn't
> affect.

It is not ZFS itself, it is the use of /dev/diskid/*, which ZFS prefers
to open.
Either explicitly import the volume with /dev/nvd* or use the other
partitions with /dev/diskid/*
What really sucks is that volume labels also disappear - e.g. /dev/msdosfs.

> Details:
> I recently got ThinkPad P52 having one NVMe SSD and one 2.5 inch
> NVMe SSD has stable/12 and SATA SSD has head on it.
> Both are partitioned and installed on old ThinkPad T420, using
> UltraBay slim adapter for SATA, and USB converter for NVMe,
> without using installer and placed into P52, removing Windoze HDD.
> Both are ROOT-on-ZFS.
> Swap on NVMe SSD is specified using diskid in fstab.
> At first, I didn't noticed the problem as head with before-mentioned
> commits gracefully creates nvd0p*.
> But I noticed stable/12 having before-mentioned commits MFC'ed
> (r351903 through r351914) creates only nvd0 just as before.
> Importing pool on SATA SSD from stable/12 on NVMe does NOT affect.
> I tried importing on NVMe SSD from head on SATA, and noticed
> nvd0p* disappears leaving nvd0, and re-appears on export.
> Any solutions?
> Regards.
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> Tomoaki AOKI    <>
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