memstick installer doesn't install loader.efi into ESP

From: Yuri Pankov <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 05:23:52 +0300
Just tried reinstalling the system on my laptop using the latest 
available memstick snapshot 
using UEFI boot, and default ZFS partitioning, and it didn't boot after 
installation.  Booting into the installer again, I noticed that ESP is 

Reinstalling again after wiping pool labels and clearing partitions 
didn't change anything, though I noticed the "/tmp/bsdinstall-esps: no 
such file or directory" in the installer log.

Mounting ESP, creating EFI/FreeBSD/ directory, copying /boot/loader.efi 
there, and creating appropriate Boot variable solves it, of course, but 
I'm wondering what have gone wrong.

Laptop has NVMe drive (nvd0, empty, gpart destroy -F nvd0), SATA drive 
(ada0, empty, gpart destroy -F ada0), and is booting from USB memstick 
(da0); no Boot variables defined when booting to installer (other than 
defaults ones for laptop).  Any other details I should provide here?
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