Re: memstick installer doesn't install loader.efi into ESP

From: Yuri Pankov <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2019 02:49:34 +0300
On 10/8/2019 9:07 AM, Yuri Pankov wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 7, 2019, at 5:23 AM, Yuri Pankov wrote:
>> Just tried reinstalling the system on my laptop using the latest
>> available memstick snapshot
>> (,
>> using UEFI boot, and default ZFS partitioning, and it didn't boot after
>> installation.  Booting into the installer again, I noticed that ESP is
>> empty.
>> Reinstalling again after wiping pool labels and clearing partitions
>> didn't change anything, though I noticed the "/tmp/bsdinstall-esps: no
>> such file or directory" in the installer log.
>> Mounting ESP, creating EFI/FreeBSD/ directory, copying /boot/loader.efi
>> there, and creating appropriate Boot variable solves it, of course, but
>> I'm wondering what have gone wrong.
>> Laptop has NVMe drive (nvd0, empty, gpart destroy -F nvd0), SATA drive
>> (ada0, empty, gpart destroy -F ada0), and is booting from USB memstick
>> (da0); no Boot variables defined when booting to installer (other than
>> defaults ones for laptop).  Any other details I should provide here?
> I think I see the problem, bootconfig script uses ZFSBOOT_DISKS variable that isn't defined and always empty and auto-detection must be unreliable in some cases, at least for me as I reproduced it on another system with NVMe device adding a SATA disk as well (didn't look into the details).  Should be easy to fix, review incoming.
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