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From: Clay Daniels <>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 22:07:52 -0500
On 10/19/19 4:54 AM, Evilham wrote:
> Have you seen the recent threads about this?
> Particularly this with some steps that worked-for-me (tm):
> -- 
> Evilham

i looked at the patch  & made a file which says:

diff --git a/linuxkpi/gplv2/src/linux_page.c 
index e2b85c45c..060ae85ed 100644
--- a/linuxkpi/gplv2/src/linux_page.c
+++ b/linuxkpi/gplv2/src/linux_page.c
_at__at_ -239,7 +239,7 _at__at_ retry:
              page = vm_page_lookup(devobj, i);
              if (page == NULL)
-            if (vm_page_sleep_if_busy(page, "linuxkpi"))
+            if (!vm_page_busy_acquire(page, VM_ALLOC_WAITFAIL))
                  goto retry;
              cdev_pager_free_page(devobj, page);

Not knowing much about patching, I decided to locate linux_page.c and 
did so on my install at:


I figured if it was just a one line change, good old vi would do the 
trick, but after carefully looking through my linux_page,c file, I found 
what I think is the section, and this is what it says (my handwritten 
transcription from the console screen of the freebsd computer to my 
linux workstation)

    page = vm_page_alloc_contig(NULL, 0, req
       npages, 0, pmax, PAGE_SIZE, 0, VM_MEMATTR_DEFAULT);
    if (page == NULL) {
         if (flags & M_WAITOK) {
            if (!vm_page_reclaim_config (req,
                npages, 0, pmax, PAGE_SIZE, 0)) {
           FLAGS &= ~M_WAITOK;
           go to retry;
         return (NULL)

Excuse the spacing.

Anyway, I suspect I must have an updated version of linux_page.c but not 
sure. What I might do is go ahead and go to the 
/usr/ports/graphics/drm-kmod directory and make install clean, then load 
xorg and see what happens. I'm going to have a bite of super first.

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