From: Gary Jennejohn <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 08:33:32 +0200
It seems like PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE is a kernel fault waiting to happen.

Only /usr/src/sys/cam/cam_xpt.c asserts that it's <= a maximum value of
512 bytes.

/usr/src/sys/kern/tty.c uses it to malloc space without checking its size.

/usr/src/sys/dev/xen/console/xen_console.c and /usr/src/sys/kern/subr_prf.c
blindly use it to allocate a buffer on the kernel stack.

/usr/src/sys/geom/geom_subr.c and /usr/src/sys/geom/geom_io.c check whether
it's defined and set it to 64 if it isn't.  Otherwise it's simply used to
allocate a buffer on the kernel stack.

A user who doesn't really understand the purpose of PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE might
think "the bigger the better" and set it to be multi-megabytes in size.

I may be paranoid, but it seems like PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE should be checked
everywhere the way that cam_xpt.c does it.

Gary Jennejohn
Received on Thu Aug 20 2020 - 04:33:39 UTC

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