the state of amd64 ports on -CURRENT as of 20200827

From: Mark Linimon <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 13:55:08 +0000
The latest build of amd64-CURRENT ports has just completed:

The number of build failures is now 740.  This is an slight drop from
the initial post-clang11 commit of 830.  This is due to diligent work
by a more than a dozen ports committers.  I appreciate their efforts.

For comparison, the last build of amd64-CURRENT before the clang11
import was:

in which there were 66 build failures.

I have added two new analyses to the script that generated the Reason
column in poudriere (technically: "duplicate_symbol"
and "clang11".  This new change is not yet deployed on the ports build
cluster.  (I am currently working to make that happen.)

For any ports committer interested in working on fixing these regressions,
the following files may give some hints.

  The "corrected" analyses for the current build failures:

  and the changes this represents from the Reason column on beefy18:

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