head -356426 based 32-bit powerpc (2 sock PowerMac G4): kyua sys/vm/mlock_test:mlock__copy_on_write_vnode seems stuck

From: Mark Millard <marklmi_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 15:12:44 -0800
I've attempted a head -356426 based kyua run on an
old 2-socket PowerMac G4. The buildworld and
buildkernel were non-debug. The context has personal
patches, mostly for dealing with PowerMac issues.

It has had over 180 CPU minutes running for:

sys/vm/mlock_test:mlock__copy_on_write_vnode  ->  

Normal seems to be way under 0.1 sec on the
other platforms I've made runs on recently.

Hopefully kyua will time out and continue the
testing at some point.

The 2 socket (2 cores each) G5 powerpc64 context
did not have this problem. Nor did the armv7 or
aarch64 examples (CortexA7, CortexA53, CortexA57,
and CortexA72).

Mark Millard
marklmi at yahoo.com
( dsl-only.net went
away in early 2018-Mar)
Received on Wed Jan 08 2020 - 22:12:54 UTC

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