Re: CURRENT: bc -e results in empty string/result

From: Stefan Eßer <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 10:00:13 +0200
Am 05.07.20 um 11:25 schrieb Stefan Eßer:
> Am 04.07.20 um 11:50 schrieb Hartmann, O.:
> The author of the new bc has changed the semantics of -e to those
> of the FreeBSD version, since he is very interested in providing
> an implementation that covers all relevant GNU and FreeBSD features
> and extensions.
> The new version is already waiting to be committed in my source
> tree, I'm just waiting for the go-ahead from the author, who runs
> fuzzing tests for several days before tagging a new release version
> (the regression tests run in less than a minute and did all pass,
> including one for the FreeBSD -e behavior, of course ;-) ).
> I'll expect the new version with the fix to be tagged on Monday
> afternoon (local time) and will then update the sources in base
> and the port.

The new version 3.1.1 has been imported into -CURRENT and the
port has been updated.

It fixes the behavior of -e, removes non-applicable comments
regarding optionally compiled in features (the build contains
all, with only NLS being controlled by WITH(OUT)_NLS and this
option being reflected in the man-page now).

Best regards, STefan
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