CFT for vendor openzfs

From: Matthew Macy <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2020 14:31:11 -0700
Checkout updated HEAD:
% git clone -b
projects/openzfs_vendor freebsd

Checkout updated openzfs in to sys/contrib:
% git clone -b
projects/openzfs_vendor freebsd/sys/contrib/openzfs

Build world and kernel with whatever your usual configuration is.
Where possible the openzfs kmod is backward compatible with the cmd
utils in HEAD so common operations work with existing tools and the
new kmod. In the projects/openzfs_vendor branch of ZoF ozfs libraries
are backward compatible with the zfs kmod in HEAD. Although ideally
one would test this in a separate boot environment, the
interoperability should allow one to rollback without too much

Thanks in advance for your time.
Received on Wed Jul 08 2020 - 19:31:24 UTC

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