in between freeBSD and ghostBSD

From: Miranda van Breukelingen (Lizbeth Mutterhunt, Ph.D.) <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 19:08:53 +0100

have this:

what do you think of it? laptop still compiling (29 hours for the 
userspace mostly llvm and clang). I think a good idea is a "('pkg update 
-f '*')", compiling from which ports. in ghostBSD it's simply pkg 
install ports but the freeBSD checked out with .svn.

will post results here (maybe from the other netBSD if nothing works), 
inkl. the crash-trace from the drm-kmod-current; how about 
drm-kmod-devel? there's a binary for ghostBSD but I get a kernel panic 
when loading the driver; stacktrace to be rescued and brought to netBSD.

any suggestions or tipps for that kinda situation?

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