WSLg update on 1-5-2021 - BSD / WSL

From: Chargen <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 2021 21:42:38 +0200
Dear all

please note that I hope this message will be discussed to get this on the
roadmap for FreeBSD. Perhaps there is already talk about &&  work done on
I would like to suggest having a BSD side for Microsoft FOSS ambitions and
get to know the BSD license. I hope the tech people here, know which nuts
and bolts would be ready to boot a *BSD subsystem kernel and make that
available on Windows 10 installations.

Dru       Do "we" want that for FreeBSD?  I think so I hope so...

Today I saw Window 10 doing a WSLg update, and with that, automatic
reinstalled Debian applications that can now use Wayland *compositor hooks
to serve graphics (xaos, rxvt, stellarium)    it works, even pong.scr

I'm also on the Windows Insider team, "MacBethwin"   for over 6 years. I
have seen so many GSOD Green Screens of Death that provoked by me, I have
that record of breaking stuff.

So I also know a bit about what went wrong, what is good, what was needed
.. to state that the guy Jamie (fame) from Xscreensavershould get paid for
losing business in the days I dare mention all the Bad juju of Microsoft
from the past. that I know of,  I'm also honest when for ack the excellent
development at Redwood, developers have done a hell of a job

With FreeBSD subsystem and interops , windows should feel less monolithic

Best Regards

(chargen   at gmail dot com)
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