Re: Alternate Screen

From: Baptiste Daroussin <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 19:03:07 +0200
On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 09:01:53AM -0500, Eric van Gyzen wrote:
> There was a recent discussion about a terminal database update and the new
> Alternate Screen behavior.  I'm curious about the resolution, but I can't
> find that discussion.  Would someone kindly send a clue-by-four via
> overnight express?
> Ultimately, I'd like to know how to get the old behavior back, with no
> alternate screen, and thereby reduce my blood pressure.
> Alternatively yours,

The replies you are receiving are interesting as none of them are right...

What has been done, it now ncurses from base reads both terminfo and termcap DB.
It is looking up for terminfo db from localbase as well.

Base only provides termcap (the old termcap definition, nothing new in there).
if one want the terminfo database which supports alternate screen definition,
he/shre can just pkg install terminfo-db.

Best regards,
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