Re: /lib symlinks problem?

From: Terry Lambert <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 14:28:33 -0700
"M. Warner Losh" wrote:
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>             Doug Barton <> writes:
> : I posted one approach to this today... touch a file right before you
> : start installworld, then consider anything not newer than that file a
> : candidate for disposal. There is currently something weird going on in
> : /usr/lib though... a lot of the files don't have newer dates, I haven't
> : tracked down why yet.
> No.  That's not what I'm talking about.  That approach is crap,
> because installworld doesn't touch all files.
> : Also, I highly recommend NOT deleting the files, but moving them
> : somewhere. This makes it much easier to recover if you delete something
> : you shouldn't have.
> I don't care the method of removal.  I care more about the list.  If
> you want to mv them them instead of rm, it isn't a big deal to change
> that detail.

You are going to need to generate the list from a clean install.

You will either need to register things into the package system
(the cleanest approach) or generate an mtree with MD5's, and
that a huge hit scanning the system for changes.

It'd be fairly easy to compare deltas between such files, but it
would be cleaner if all subsequent systems installed as packages,
and the package version amangement could be used.

For the first system that does this, all you'd need to do is dump
the package packing list files into the place pkg_add would have
dumped them, had you actually installed a package (it won't care
that there's not a "real" package, when you go to upgrade).

-- Terry
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