Re: Syncer failure after fsck on all partitions

From: Kent Stewart <>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 17:52:13 -0700
On Monday 01 September 2003 05:38 pm, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> This is really sort of two problems, but I'll focus on the primary
> concern here and maybe the more basic (but less significant) problem
> will get addressed at some point. (Or I'll PR it.)
> I have noticed that my stable system never seems to leave the
> filesystems clean after a crash on CURRENT. I get a message that
> background FSCK is starting in 60 seconds, but I see no indication
> that it is ever run. All partitions are UFS and have soft-update.
> After I notice that re-boots are reporting all ufs partitions as
> unclean, I shut down and boot standalone. I then do "fsck -y" on all
> partitions. Many simply mark the partition clean with no fixes while
> others do find the typical problems and fix them.
> Finally I do a reboot. No partition has ever been mounted except root
> which is read-only. Syncer reports 1 or more buffers remain and
> reports this until it gives up.
> After the reboot, all partitions mount cleanly and all seems normal.
> I really feel uncomfortable about this and can't understand why the
> syncer should have any buffers to handle when no partition has been
> mounted RW. Do I need to worry?

Did you fsck from single user mode? There were problems a while back 
where you had to check the file system in the foreground mode.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA
Received on Mon Sep 01 2003 - 15:52:19 UTC

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