RE: ACPI problems with Compaq Evo N610c (fwd)

From: Tony Maher <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 18:57:45 +1000 (EST)
Hello Doug,

> From Fri Sep  5 05:49:49 2003
> Not sure if you got a copy of this first time or not...

Sorry, no I did not.  My mail pickup system got screwed several times lately.

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> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:50:03 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: RE: ACPI problems with Compaq Evo N610c
> I got interested in this recently because I inherited one of these
> laptops from work.
> On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Cagle, John (ISS-Houston) wrote:
> > Which version of the N610C BIOS are you using?  (F.14 is the latest on
> > the website.)  I know that the _OSI("Windows 2001") bug will be
> > fixed in the F.15 release, but I don't think the _GL_ portion of your
> > patch will be included.  Did you have to remove the Acquire & Release
> > of _GL_ in order to get xbat to work?  (This is not a problem we see
> > with Linux ACPI in 2.4.21, so I think that FreeBSD's ACPI stack needs
> > updating.)
> I just updated to F.15, and it does indeed fix the windows bit in the
> output of 'acpidump -d'. However, even with Tony's recommendation of
> removing the acquire/release of _GL in methods C12C and C12D, I still
> can't get xbatt or wmbattery to run, even with the very latest -current
> (which has had at least one acpi stack upgrade since 7/30). When I run
> either command, it locks the box tight. If I ever get a cursor back, I
> have to Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to get out of X, since I can't actually type
> anything.
> I have a feeling that my acpi table didn't actually get overridden
> though, due to the following from dmesg:
> ACPI: DSDT was overridden.
>         -0424: *** Error: UtAllocate: Could not allocate size 6e49202a
>     ACPI-0428: *** Error: Could not allocate table memory for [/*
>  ] length 6e49202a
>     ACPI-0368: *** Error: Could not copy override ACPI table,

This certainly seems to be the case.  I see 

ACPI: DSDT was overridden.
    ACPI-0375: *** Info: Table [DSDT] replaced by host OS

> Also, the "before" and "after" acpidump's don't show anything different.
> So, I'm curious if wmbatt is still working for Tony and Robert or not
> with the latest -current.

I am currently running

FreeBSD k9.home 5.1-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT #0: Sat Aug 30 11:48:23 EST
2003     root_at_k9.home:/var/obj/space/usr/src/sys/K9  i386

and xbatt works (to certain extent - it show s being power cable in and out
and shos charging state when first booted up but after insertion/removal
of power cord it no longer shows charging stae or time left in battery)

If I get a cahnce on weekend I'll update to latest and let you know.

> The other problem I'm having is that doing 'sysctl -a', or just 'sysctl
> hw.acpi' locks the system tight for a couple minutes, and never
> completes. The last line that's printed to the screen is:
> hw.acpi.thermal.tz1._ACx: -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
> Any ideas on that one?

This is becase the DSDT was not overridden.  I used to see this as well.

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