Re: ACPI problems with this morning's -CURRENT

From: Damian Gerow <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:18:14 -0400
Thus spake Nate Lawson ( [16/09/03 15:00]:
> I'm almost certain your problem is defining MAXMEM to 512 MB.  Remove that
> from your kernel config and try again.  MAXMEM causes all kinds of
> problems.  If this doesn't solve it, start with the stock GENERIC and add
> back in your custom kernel options until it fails.  The last option you
> add is the faulty one.

I was wondering the same thing myself last night actually...

I just pulled that line, and it now works.  Which is weird -- I have two
other 5.1 machines that I have specified MAXMEM in, without any troubles.
It's also strange that this would only be brought out with ACPI...?

Anyhow, it's working for me now.  If anyone feels like further debugging,
I'm all game.
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