Re: Bad performance

From: sebastian ssmoller <>
Date: 17 Sep 2003 20:19:38 +0200

> I agree with the general concensus that this shows all the symptoms of
> a network or DNS problem - though the switch from SIS to nVidia may
> have disturbed X.
> Did you change any system configuration (hostname etc) when you moved
> the disk?  Is the 'production' environment identical network-wise to
> your test environment?  Have you re-configured X to use the different
> video card?

when i moved the disk i didn't change any network setting. the only
difference is that the "prod." system has two network cards (both
i first configured X to use the native nvidia driver but now i am
running the X11 "builtin" nvidia driver. Seems to make no difference in
performance for me.

> How are you starting gdm, gnome2 etc?  I gather gdm isn't started
> via /etc/ttys but manually from a vty.  I presume you are using gdm
> to start X.

i start gdm using /usr/X11R6/etc/rc.d/ as mentioned in docs.
to give u some numbers:
-starting gdm takes 30 s from command line to login screen 
 (see last post: only 15s with acpi disabled (why?) )
-starting gnome2 takes 25 s from login until nautilus has drawn the

i guess this is not really fast, isnt it ?

> Can you log in from a second system?  If so, what is happening during
> the startup delay?  Does top show the system is very heavily loaded or
> doing nothing (all processes waiting)?

good idea i havnt tried this yet. i ll do theses days ...

> Before you start gdm, can you ping your system by hostname?  Are there
> any other hostname mentioned in your gdm configuration file?  Can you
> ping them all?

i looked at the /usr/X11R6/etc/gdm/gdm.conf file but i havnt found any
hostname specific setting. what exactly shall i look for ?

> Have you checked your /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/resolv.conf?  Is the
> output from 'ifconfig -a' and 'netstat -r' correct?

after i have fixed some bugs in named config now ipconfig -a and netstat
-r output is ok and both answer in no time (means to timeout).

> Have a look through all the files in /var/log that have been updated
> recently and check for errors - especially XFree86.0.log, daemon and
> messages.  Have a look in the gdm log file (I'm not sure where this
> is by default).  Are there any messages on either the console or
> vty from which you started gdm?  (Use Ctrl-Alt-Fn to get from X to
> vtyn and then Alt-Fn to switch between vtys.  You can use ScrollLock
> and PgUp/PgDn/Up/Down to scroll back.  Press ScrollLock again to
> get back to normal).

i had a first look at the config files u named but i could not see any
interesting error or warning. i will check this in detail later.

> Is any part of your system NFS-mounted?  Is X using a fontserver?
> Are all these servers responding?

currently i do not run nfs (client/server) or fontserver.

> Are you running a GENERIC or custom kernel?  Do you have any firewall
> functions enabled?

i use a custom kernel. i have removed some scsi devices cause i am
running an ide system. and i moved this debugging stuff.

the firewall is not running on startup cause i use a dial up connection.

btw: the mozilla-firebird performance problem mention earlier seems to
be something different: firebird launches relativly fast and as soon as
running i can us the menus and everything which is reachable via mouse.
but as soon as i use the keyboard (e.g. typing an internet addr) or
switch the window into background and back into foreground moz-firebird
hangs for minutes (!).  but this only happens the first time after
start. when it runs it performs rather good
i will try to build a new version these days and will see what happens

thx for ur hints

> Peter
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