Re: X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Receiver

From: Lars Eggert <larse_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 19:24:48 -0700

Bernd Walter wrote:
>>>What does USB_DEBUG with hw.usb.debug=2 and hw.usb.ugen.debug=2 say?

it says this:

usbd_setup_pipe: dev=0xc3f9d980 iface=0xc3efbaa0 ep=0xc3f192c8 
ugenwrite: transfer 5 bytes
usbd_intr_transfer: start transfer 5 bytes
usbd_intr_transfer: transferred 0
usbd_intr_transfer: error=13

(This is with ehci disabled.)

> Mmm - looks you are right, but your init data seems to be different.
> 0x8001 vs 0x8003 and 0x8007.

I think the only difference is that I prepended the 0x80 directly, which 
the Linux driver fudges in front in send_packet.

> Interesting is the calculation of transfer_buffer_length in
> send_packet(), which would result in 4 for init1 and 8 for init2.
> I interpret this that the last byte from init1 doesn't get written
> and your packets don't fit into that sheme.

I think they do, see the Windows dump.

> The source looks very confusing to me, but maybe that because of my
> current localtime()...

No, it's not :-) After I reading that driver, I know why I like the BSD 

> The Windows log could help as it's at least readable and familar.

It's attached, in whatever format snoopy 
( saves it. It shows two 
writes with this data:

	TransferBuffer: 0x00000005 (5) length
	0000: 80 01 00 20 14

	TransferBuffer: 0x00000008 (8) length
	0000: 80 01 00 20 14 20 20 20

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