No/weird mixer in -CURRENT

From: Damian Gerow <>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 23:19:12 -0400
I just set up a new box with -CURRENT on it, using 20030918-JPSNAP 
(cvsup'ed the next day), and I'm having some really strange things going on with volume control.

aumix won't complain, and will successfully query the mixer device.  I can set the volume levels to my hearts content, but the only thing that actually works is if I set the PCM volume to 0 -- which mutes everything.  Any other setting, on any other channel, leaves the volume at full.

I thought this was weird, but before posting, I tested with gkrellm.
Using the volume plugin for gkrellm2, it tells me that /dev/mixer0 is not a valid mixer device.  So I went through /dev/audio*, /dev/dsp*, /dev/sequencer*, but none of them worked (which didn't surprise me, as they're not mixer devices).  I've noticed that /dev/mixer doesn't exist, though the patterns of other devices lead me to believe that it should be a symlink to /dev/mixer0, which /does/ exist.

This is a fairly new machine, using a DFI PS83-BL motherboard.  pcm0 is picked up as an Intel ICH5 (82801EB), and a C-Media Electronics CMI9739 AC97 Codec.

Does pcm not fully understand my audio device, am I lacking a mixer, or is it something else entirely?
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