Re: -current brake ufs for -stable

From: Sergey Matveychuk <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 10:03:23 +0400
Bruce Evans wrote:
> -current doesn't write extended attributes unless you enabled them.

OK. I'm wrong. Really I don't understand a problem. Superblock was 
corrupted. I've fix it with fsck (from other sector). But I decided 
remake the FS and run newfs from -stable again.  Now I write on it buth 
-stable and -current and no problems have now.
May be it was an accident.

> Most likely the problem is some breakage of compatibility of superblocks.
> When I tried sharing a filesystem between RELENG_3 and -current a few
> months ago, IIRC the obvious bugs were that RELENG_3 crashed on filesystems
> written to be -current, and running RELENG_3's fdisk fixed the problem
> but was not run automatically and it reported an alarming number of errors.

Just the same happened.

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