Re: SATA drive lock-up

From: Scott Likens <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:35:20 -0700
On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 06:54, Derek Ragona wrote:
> I couldn't make a kernel with 9/19 cvsuped.  I downloaded and installed the 
> 9/20 snapshot.  That also wouldn't complete a buildworld without breaking 
> with the hard drive error.
> I booted windows and stress tested the drive with all kinds of I/O.  Not a 
> hiccup.
> It isn't the hardware, it has to be the driver code under 5.1-current.
>          -Derek

Okay, this is off the subject here on this.

But I wanted to comment, 

Just because something 'works' in another "OS" doesn't mean it's working

Just because my VIA KT133A chipset doesn't hiccup in Windows, doesn't
mean it's not broken.  Just because I get Data corruption in FreeBSD due
to my KT133A chipset, doesn't mean it's FreeBSD's fault.

Infact, you'll find FreeBSD and other accompany'ing OS's that are
GNU/GPL/BSD licenesed to have a more strict driver set.  They can show
you things you wouldn't normally see in other "OS's" so to speak.

As i said this is off topic, but saying

"But it works in Windows", is like saying But i'm a complete idiot who
doesn't have a friggen clue how to help.

Don't take this at all personally, it's just that i've hung out in the
usenet groups, and irc channels long enuf to see the same thing over and
over again.

So I wanted to stop this trend before it started.

>From my personal experience, if you want something fixed with any "Free"
"OS" you need to give the person who's fixing the problem as much
information as possible.

In otherwords, turning on all the debugging features, including DDB and
trying to help them delve into it and find out what the exact problem
really is.

It maybe a problem with the controller, maybe the drive, maybe your
system.  At any rate, you're other "OS" *cough* does work properly. 
That doesn't mean that the driver in that other "OS" isn't correcting a
hardware issue on the controller that was seen after manufactering.

Infact it's quite common to see "Defects" after manufactering that the
driver does correct.  

So please bear in mind a few things,

One, everyone here does this for the Love of FreeBSD,

Two, it's free.

So in essence you get what you pay for, We do what we can to bring you
the best damned "Free" "OS" possible.  But we don't always have the
resources to get all the information possible to create the drivers. 
Some Hardware Manufacter'ers are more then willing to give us specs and
hardware to test their hardware and help us write drivers.  Others are
flat out do it yourself.  Then you have even to the more extreme where
they don't want us to write drivers.

So, if you could please get as much information possible as to why?  It
may mean your system working properly and not.


Scott M. Likens
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