Re: Problem w/ ACPI in -CURRENT: Update

From: Jeremy Bingham <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:38:54 -0700
I'm not sure what's causing these ACPI problems in this recent -CURRENT,
but I've found where it's hanging. It's on this line:

as = AcpiEvaluateObject(h, "_BIF", NULL, &bif_buffer);

in acpi_cmbat.c in sys/dev/acpica/. The function AcpiEvaluateObject is
found in contrib/dev/acpica/nsxfeval.c, which hasn't changed in a while.
I tried adding a line to print out 'h', but I wasn't sure what to try to
show it as. Prining it as an integer gave a weird negative value.

What, exactly, should I be looking for here?


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