Re: Newbie q [repost]

From: Matthew Seaman <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2017 16:00:20 +0100
On 01/10/2017 13:22, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> I've a uname-a : STABLE-11 that svn's to 12-HEAD  and will not buildworld despite
> 'make cleanworld ' and '/bin/rm -rf /usr/obj/usr'  both...  and src.conf and 
> make.conf removed from /etc. 
> ...........................
> libmap.conf problem?
> unpack base.txz etc how?
> pkg of base ready somewhat and a how to ?
> wait out v12 and v13 is HEAD ?
> remove disk, new install and copy over .rc [etc] from old system?
> ..............
> No urgency but has been ongoing for over a year maybe even over two years.
> ..............

So, is your question "how can I fix the build problems" or "how can I
upgrade to 12-CURRENT _without_ having to build world"?

If the former, then you'll have to give us at least something to go on.
Saying "it doesn't work" may be completely factual, but it doesn't help
at all in working out why not.

If the latter then there are current snapshots available from eg.

or as installer images from

I'd advise going for a new 12.0 install and porting over any
configuration files etc.  -- ideally leaving your existing 11-STABLE
system still available so you can boot back into that in case of



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